• The Princess V85-S

    The Princess V85-S

  • Monohull Yachts

    Monohull Yachts

  • The Princess M32

    The Princess M32

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    Multihull Yachts

  • The Princess Flybridge P60

    The Princess Flybridge P60

“Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.” Paul Carvel

Welcome to your new home @ Sea!

David Abromowitz & Associates, in conjunction with Princess Yachts, are able to offer you a wide selection  of new boats, pre-owned, and of course Princess Yachts.

Yachts for sale in Cape Town and South Africa. The experienced and professional team know and understand the needs of a boat owner, so we are able to offer you value-added services such as insurance, valuations for sales or insurance, and berthing.

Talk to us, socialise with us, or email us…we are there to support you.

“A great brokerage, owner managed by highly skilled professionals who go that extra mile to make you happy.”

Jim Volkwyn