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Lindani Mchunu

Lindani Mchunu has spent most of his sailing days delivering luxury sailing catamarans around the world. He started his sailing career as a delivery crew, sailing Robertson and Caine luxury Catamarans around
the world.

In each exotic location where he arrived, he recognised that yachting was more than a job and Yachts were more than just vessels to be sailed from one continent to the other. After an extensive period of delivery crossings he decided to take job as a mate on a luxury sailing boat in Cape Verde Islands. Living on the islands and chartering guests, he quickly realised that most people have a dream of owning a boat one day, yet very few know how to start the process, let alone find a boat that suits their needs.


Lindani believes that Yacht ownership is more about memories than actual ownership, yet ownership is the catalyst to a life long journey with the sea. Yachts mean many things to many people. In his work with the Royal Cape Yacht Club sailing academy, Lindani experienced first hand how boats can change the lives of kids coming from at-risk communities, giving them an opportunity to dream beyond their limitations. Lindani intends to take Yachting throughout Africa, with the belief that all societies should have the opportunity to cast off and set sail on a journey of self-discovery. He only recommends that it should be on one of our boats.

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