Frequently asked questions

What boat should I buy?

We will gladly arrange a meeting to discuss the various options that will suit what you need.

What is a monohull?

A monohull is a boat with just one cabin.

Do you give valuations?

Yes we do! Just arrange a consulation with us and we will get back to you with a valuation.

How long is the process of buying a boat?

1. Arrange a consulation 2. Review your options 3. Let us know what boat you'd like 4. Secure payment 5. Choose add ons (Insurance etc) 6. Handover of boat.

Can I buy a boat if I don’t live in SA?

Yes you can! Contact us to find out more.

Where can I keep my boat?

There are various harbours where you will be able to moor your boat.

Why does my boat need insurance?

Similar to how a house needs insurance, boats need insurance too!

Where can I travel with my boat?

Wherever your heart desires! As far and wide as you would like.