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R550 000,00Price

Cape to Rio Race Handicap winner potentail. Easily raced with short handed crew. Ideal of round the cans racing as well. No runners, Mumm 36 modified. 

MUMM 36 – BRUCE FARR DESIGN November 1994              

I:             14,08     m           

J:             4,24        m           

P:            14,08     m           

E:            4,76        m           

SPL:        4,65        m           

Displ:     3580       kg          

Draft:    2,35        m           

LOA        10,91     m

Club Rating         1,165                    

ORC Rating          577,8     GPH       Expiry: Jan 2022

MMSI # 601088900                          

Call Sign               ZR 3881                                

Radio Licence # 540-752-3        


Yanmar 2GM20FC + SD20 Saildrive, 18hp                                              

Crankcase Oil (at least SAE CC): SAE 30                                   

Saildrive Oil (at least API GL-4): SAE 90 or 80W-90                             

Fuel Tank, 45l (12 gal)                                    

12V Battery 1251 102aH                                               

Gas stove, Gimballed                                     

Gas stove canisters         


Furuno GP 7000 Chartplotter                                     

Simrad AI50 AIS – Class B                                             

Raymarine Autopilot with display                                             

Icom M424G VHF with GPS DSC

B&G Sailing Instrumentation: (new for 2020 Rio Race)

5 x Triton Displays

Speed Depth and Masthead Unit


7” Touch display plotter

Radio/CD Player                                              

Cockpit Speakers, Boss Marine 6.5" 200W                                             

Fixed Compass, Plastimo Contest 101                                     



#1 Light Genoa                                

#1 Medium Genoa                                         

#3 Genoa                                           

#4 Genoa                                           

A0 Code 0                                                            Tight Reaching, <13 TWS, AWA 55-85

1S Spinnaker (0.5oz)                                       For VMG Running in 5-12 TWS, AWA 70-100

1.5A Assym (0.5/6 oz)                                     For VMG sailing in <13knts TWS, AWA 70-110

3A Assym                                                            Reaching in 12-20knts TWS, AWA 70-110

2S Spinnaker (New 0.8oz)                             Running in 10-20knts TWS, AWA 110-150

2S Spinnaker (Old 0.75oz)                             Running in 10-20knts TWS, AWA 110-150

3.5S Spinnaker (0.9 oz), Fractional or MH               Running in <35knts TWS, AWA 110-160

Storm Jib                                            

RUNNING RIGGING                                               

Main Halyard     52           m            8mm Superbraid

MH Spin Halyard               42           m            10mm Super-T, Stripped 10m

Wing Halyard     36           m            10mm Super-T, Stripped 10m

SPTL       38           m            8mm Superbraid

Downhaul           19           m            8mm Superbraid

Tackline                15           m            10mm Super -T, Stripped 4m

Spin Sheets        25           m (ea)   8mm Super -T

Spin Guys            17           m (ea)   10mm Superbraid

Jib Sheets            16           m (ea)   10mm Super -T

Peel Sheet - Jib  16           m           

Peel Sheet - Spinnaker   25           m           

Main Sheet         34           m            10mm Super-T

Traveller Control, 4:1      18           m            6mm Superbraid

Soft Shackles      Various    

Hobble Strop, T8?            ?-?          m           

Main Sheet Strop (on Boom Block)                           m            Spectra Webbing & 6mm GP12 backup strop

Aft M/Sheet Block on Boom - H1960 / H3217       1                             

Fwd M/Sheet Block on Boom - H1960 / H3217     1                             

Cocpkit M/Sheet Block - H3223   2     

Traveller Track - H                                           

End Stops - H                                     

End Stop Double Blocks - H                                         

Traveller Car - H                1                             

Mainsheet Block - H     

Gen Car Control First Fall, 3:1     

Gen Car Control Line       12,7       

Gen Car Track - H                             

Gen Car - H                                        

Fiddle Block - H2655                                       

Fiddle Block & Becket - H2656    

Tackline Block - H3226                                   

Tackline Deflector Block - H2149       

Backstay - Aramid                                           

Backstay First Fall (2:1)                                 

Backstay 2nd Fall (3:1)   3,3                         

Backstay Control Line (8:1)                                          

Backstay Block - Single (Old Runner Block)                                            

Backstay Block - Single & Becket (Old Runner Block)  

Backstay Block - Double 40mm H                                              

Backstay Block - Single 40mm H 5      


Tweaker Block & Becket - H341                                 

Tweaker Block - H353         

Outhaul Strop, J8             

Outhaul First Fall, 2:1     

Control Line, 4:1               

IBE Strop             

Reef 1                                                                  

Vang Strop First Fall, 2:1               

Winch Handle - H                                            

Spin Sheet Block - H2670                              

Spin Sheet Block - H1560                                              

Lifting Block - H3231      

Hose Pipe                           

Shore Power Extension                

Dehumidifier (Secco 16)   

Lewmar 2spd Genoa Winch                                        

Tiller Extension - Spinlock EA1200        

Safety Category B            

Liferaft (Next service 2022)

Life Jacket, Adult                                             

Safety Harness                                 

Horseshoe & Light                                           


Smoke Flare                                      

Hand Flare                                         

Parachute Flare                                

Emergency Blanket                                        

Visibility Sheet                                 

Fog Horn                                             


Chart - SAN300                 

Chart - SAN150                                 

Boat Hook                                          

Fuel Can                                              


Anchor Chain    

Anchor Warp     


Bilge Pump Handle                                         

Wooden Plugs   Various

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