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About the V Class

Princess deep-V hulls are born from the naval architect's obsession with exceptional seakeeping and voluminous space

Their sculpted form is shaped from the lightweights, resin-infused hull composite which can create greater internal volume compared to standards hull production methods. This ingenious design ensures it requires less power and burns less fuel to achieve its maximum design speed. Such precision thinking gives rise to the most exhilarating performance, defined by its efficiency, agility and poise. So whether you're slicing through the seas at 40 knots or navigating stormy waters - a foundation of superior engineering rides with you.  


The all-new Princess V78 is the flagship of the Princess V Class range, with a spacious and luxurious interior concealed within a dynamic and striking exterior; the V78 is a sanctuary of relaxation and exhilaration.

From the moment you step on board, her quality in craftsmanship and detail is clear. With a grand central access from the bathing platform to the cockpit with flexible seating and a spacious galley aft arrangement, ideal for socialising and entertaining; the V78 has been built with our owners in mind, combining luxury and practicality into this contemporary build. With a top speed of up to 39 knots, she won’t disappoint on performance, with breath-taking agility and a comfortable ride achieved by her resin-infused hull. Her hydraulic transom platform with 4.45m tender garage, including an integrated tender launch system, is the perfect base to enjoy watersports from.


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All of the traditional qualities of craftsmanship expected with a V Class yacht have been refined and reinvented for this new Princess V65, to deliver greater efficiency, exhilarating speeds and the pure luxury our customers are accustomed to.

Powerful and progressive, the all-new Princess V65 sets a new standard of the Princess V Class range. Whether you’re slicing through the seas at 38 knots† or navigating stormy waters – a foundation of superior engineering rides with you. Her Olesinski inspired deep-V hull is optimised for greater lift and less drag, to create lower planning speeds with greater efficiency.

Light woods and contrasting tonal colours bring a modern edginess to this yacht, offering vibrant open spaces to further complement your lifestyle on board. Princess have truly thought of everything when it comes to the Princess V65 – a space to entertain, relax as well as making the most of the open seas. The all-new V65 is as vivacious as she is valiant.


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